Trials and tribulations

It’s official – trying to watch one movie per day/more than one depending on how on top of things I am is proving to be difficult what with classes, work, and shooting a movie on the weekends. Plus, I am a vivacious 21-year-old girl who enjoys going out when I have free time. Staying in to watch movies and blog isn’t exactly making guys line up at the door or improving my social life.

And so, I’m putting a hiatus on this 365 movies in one year thing. Summer break starts on June 11 and I will restart this whole thing again at that point. I’m going to leave this blog as it is until around June 11th so that people can see if they want to come back and enjoy this summer.

With that said, I’ll be seeing you folk(s? Anyone?) in just a month and a half. Feel free to comment with movie recommendations – in fact, it would be greatly appreciated.


Ready? Set. Film talk!

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