It all begins (ends) tomorrow

Tomorrow, June 13th, marks the beginning of my year of watching 365 movies. I have until June 12th, 2012 to make it happen. The same day that I (intend to) graduate from college. This is scary.

I intend to watch all kinds of movies, probably a lot of horror movies (quick note: went to see Insidious last night. Scared the shit out of me. I recommend it, even just for the scream factor), some romantic, some dramatic, and some probably super hip.

My goal in doing this is 1) to have a cool story 2) expand my knowledge on types of films 3) to see all the movies people reference all of the time and actually know what the hell they’re talking about. There are a lot of movies I’ll never admit to never having seen, but in doing this, I actually will see them (ahem, The Big Lebowski. I know, I know, that’s a mortal sin.)

I’ll attempt to see only movies I’ve never seen, but the odds of me rewatching a few here and there is likely. I’ll try to only count those that I don’t remember much about.

If you’ve stumbled upon (merely by accident or literally through StumbleUpon), please feel free to look around. Leave a comment with some movie recommendations – I welcome those with open arms.

Finally, you might find me geeking out about upcoming movies here and there as well. I need to have a place to express my excitement!


Ready? Set. Film talk!

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