3: My Soul To Take

My Soul To Take – October 8, 2010
Starring: Max Thieriot, John Magaro, Zena Gray, Emily Meade
Written and directed by: (The legendary) Wes Craven

The plot: “A serial killer returns to his hometown to stalk seven children who share the same birthday as the date he was allegedly put to rest.” – IMDB

My thoughts: I knew going into this, this wouldn’t exactly be a spectacular horror film and it wasn’t. It also wasn’t the worst ever, which so many people on message boards are quick to say. The characters were a bit strange, perhaps trying a bit too hard to fit into a stereotype (the jock, the preppy girl, the scary chick, the religious girl, the blind kid, the funny/quirky guy, an asian guy, and the protagonist who might end up being the murderer but ultimately isn’t). They were so stereotypical, they didn’t feel weird. The jock, for example, practically threatened a girl to get her to give him a blowjob, then chased her into the woods, calling her a “fucking bitch”. I know it’s a teen movie where we’re rooting for people to get killed, but I want the characters to feel like they’re real, like I know them.

I must say, Max Thieriot did an impeccable job at playing crazy. While I figured he wouldn’t end up being the killer – too obvious and trying too hard to really make him seem crazy – he certainly creeped me out by mimicking other characters and giving off some serious psycho eyes.

There were a few “shocking reveals” in the movie that if anything were slightly confusing. I figured them out eventually, but a lot of people probably had a few moments of “huh?” before it slowly clicked. Who the murderer was in the end ended up being somewhat irrelevant. It could have been anyone but it wasn’t really them – it was some crazy person from who knows how long ago, jumping from person to person to live.

A major qualm? We never learned what this crazed murderer’s goal was. To live forever? To kill everyone? To inhabit a certain person’s body/soul? I don’t know. It wasn’t really explained.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t Wes’s best effort. And it was apparently (unnecessarily) released in 3D? A nice try at getting back in the horror game. I can’t hate on him too much; he directed Scream, one of my favorite movies of all time. Perhaps he should stick to directing as opposed to trying to play two roles.

Stars: 2/5


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