Like a proud mama!

I have been doing a bang-up job with watching and reviewing movies, if I do say so myself. Not banking on making it to 365 movies by June (because yikes, I’m only just getting to 50!) but all the same, I’m loving winter break and all this free time to stare at my screen full of moving pictures.

Anyway, I’ve been on a bit of a violent streak what with all the guns and swords and killing and blood, but the next three movies reviewed will be a change of pace. Up to bat is ‘The Art of Getting By’ with ‘Our Idiot Brother’ on deck and ‘Midnight in Paris’ in the hole. So, it’ll be a romantic/family, hopefully humorous and uplifting 24 hours of film viewing.

Hope everyone is liking the blog and the reviews (which can be everywhere from good and hilarious to weird and awful. Sorry about that.) I’m going to keep at it for the next five weeks and try to get up to…let’s say 80 by January 1st! Then I’ll only have just under 300 to go :/

Happy reading and happy movie watching. As always, feel free to recommend or warn me against any films you care to.


Ready? Set. Film talk!

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