68: CQ

CQ – May 24, 2002
Starring: Jeremy Davies, Angela Lindvall, Elodie Bouchez
Written and directed by: Roman Coppola

The plot: “A young filmmaker in 1960s Paris juggles directing a cheesy sci-fi debacle, directing his own personal art film, coping with his crumbling relationship with his girlfriend, and a new-found infatuation with the sci-fi film’s starlet.” – IMDB

My thoughts: CQ is a weird little film, but as a Jason Schwartzman fan – nay, a Jason Schwartzman obsessed freak – I couldn’t not see it. Unfortunately, he’s only in it for a few scenes, but even then, he is truly glorious.

In all honesty, I’d been hoping for a bit more comedy and a bit less drama/existential pontificating. I found myself much more interested in the 60s sci-fi movie almost to the point that I would have rather watched the actual fake film. That part was over the top and completely hilarious – I mean, Billy Zane playing a revolutionary leader (who looks more than a little like Che Guevara) based on the “far-out” side of the moon. Too good, it’s just too good.

Jeremy Davies (known to “Lost” fans as Daniel Faraday) plays the aspiring filmmaker who is simultaneously trying to make the film and maintain his relationship with his girlfriend while falling in love with the lead actress.

It wasn’t quite what I had expected and was pretty heavy on being lost and trying to find yourself/someone you love – I mean, ‘CQ’ ended up standing for “Seek you.” I thought it was going to be fun, a real romp, and for about half of the film it was, but then it got to be a bit too serious. It got all “feely.” I wanted camp, outrageous over the top top fun.

Stars: 2.5/5


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