80: Slither

Slither – March 31, 2006
Starring: Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, , Tania Saulnier
Written and directed by: James Gunn

The plot: “A small town is taken over by an alien plague, turning residents into zombies and all forms of mutant monsters.” – IMDB

My thoughts: How it’s taken me six years to see this movie is beyond me. Actually, I’m fairly certain I rented it when it first came out and for whatever reason, didn’t watch it. Either way, I’m glad I watched it at this point as I fully appreciated the campiness, the movie references, and a youthful Nathan Fillion so very, very much.

Slither is equal parts disgusting and hilarious. It’s such a strange variety of body horror – worm/leech things jumping in people’s mouths, killing them for a second, and then turning them into zombie things that spit acid at you. Too good. Factor in some dude turning into a squid, impregnating a lady who blows up to the side of a barn and explodes open during birth? That’s a winner for me right there.

I’m such a big fan of horror movies that are almost self-aware or at the very least, play into horror movie cliches in a smart way. And Slither definitely does that. Let’s just go ahead and look at some of the movies it references (not outwardly. No one says, “Hey! It’s like Rosemary’s Baby, get it?!”):

– The family’s name is Cassavetes. The actor who played Guy in Rosemary’s Baby is John Cassavetes
– One of the shops is owned by R.J. MacReady, the name of Kurt Russell in The Thing.
– The bathtub scene from A Nightmare on Elm Street is recreated
– Serenity grenade reference!

Honestly, there are a ton more that even I didn’t get. Either way, it’s totally a movie for movie/pop culture buffs. Hence why I liked it so much.

It was really enjoyable – not perfect so I won’t give it a perfect score, but I did really like it all the same.

Stars: 4/5


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