Preparing for drunk (re)viewing

So guys. It’s my last quarter of college and my intention is to devote one night a week (bit much? Eh, don’t care) to sitting down with one or two bottles of wine, watching a movie while drinking, and then reviewing it while drinking.

I don’t want to watch good movies. I want to watch movies that are hilariously bad – I’m thinking The Wicker Man (Cage version, duh) or Showgirls or Battlefield Earth, you get the idea! The point is…

I’m looking for recommendations! Please, I beg of you – ALL of you – to recommend movies you think should be seen and reviewed whilst a tad bit drunk.

P.S. I’m on spring break and reviews are on the way 🙂


2 thoughts on “Preparing for drunk (re)viewing

Ready? Set. Film talk!

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