Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

YES YES YES YES. Safety Not Guaranteed was wonderful. Oh man, I loved it. And you know, people will throw their labels on it: hip. Hipster. Super hip. Oops, my hip slipped, better get a new hip. Blah, blah, blah, I dun’ give a shit. It was good and I had a whole lotta feels.


The movie is about a team of journalists (or maybe some pseudo-journalists) who follow up on a wiggity whack classified ad asking for a partner to travel in time with. And it’s great. It’s about a couple-a weirdos being weird, trying to right some wrongs, and kind of doing all of that as time goes on normally.

If you don’t already know, I have a bit of a crush on Mark Duplass. He’s on “The Mindy Project” and I really love him in it. He’s a dorky babe with a voice like an angel and a knack for writing. He was so good and weird and goofy in it. But was genuine. Damn, he’s good. And Aubrey Plaza, who I think practically every 20-something girl can identify with, is enjoyable in it. Albeit, I think she usually just kind of plays herself but she is a real person and I guess the character was written with her in mind so …it all works out. Oh, also Jake Johnson (you probably know him from “New Girl” and being an uber-babe) is in it and he’s great.

And of course, I was geekin’ pretty hard over the fact that it was set in the great state of Washington. Lots of lovely scenery and cool beach-y/ocean-y shots. Good stuff.

If you’re hostile toward movies that come off as being a little hip, a little “cool” – don’t bother. You’ll just be looking for shit to pick apart and then you’ll take to message boards to complain about how it was so boring and make some pun about “Satisfaction Not Guaranteed, AMIRITE?”  and then I’LL SMITE YOU.

***** stars


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