Side Effects (2013)


Big congratulations on Side Effects on having a trailer that doesn’t give away every plot point and basically tell the viewer exactly what they’re in for if they decide to see the movie. If anything, the trailer is 100% misleading. So A+ on that!

Jude Law and Rooney Mara were supreme in this. Then again, I always enjoy Jude Law and find Rooney Mara to play the maybe crazy, quiet, secretly plotting role really well. The odds were high on this one.

The big climax/reveal of this movie was simultaneously awesome because I didn’t see it coming but also kind of lame because it seemed…I don’t know, like a cheap tactic to create controversy or to excite audiences. Maybe that’s just me and I’m a cynical old fart. How can I be sure?

Based on my extreme distaste for Channing Tatum, I was quite pleased with his character’s plot in the movie. He’s an awful actor, I don’t find him attractive, and I don’t know why people keep casting him in movies. That’s all I’m going to say.

Thomas Newman scored the shit out of this movie and I expected nothing less. It’s really nice to see that that man has been getting some prime work over the past few years (Skyfall, The Iron Lady, The Adjustment Bureau, Cinderella Man), but nothing of his will ever surpass his score for White Oleander in my opinion. Either way, the score for this movie was excellent.

I really enjoyed the movie. It kept me guessing, the reveals caught me by surprise, I was actually pleased with the intelligence of all the characters (I really hate watching movies where characters are allegedly smart people and do stupid, stupid shit), and it looked beautiful. Boom. 5 star movie.

***** stars


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