Miami Vice (2006)


Started my morning off the right way – watching Michael Mann’s Miami Vice starring Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx. Sidenote: Why are there two x’s in Jamie’s last name? That can’t be real.*

I enjoy Mann’s Heat (which for some reason, I never wrote about) but was skeptical about a movie version of Miami Vice but as it happens, it’s pretty good. It’s got some bitchin’ visuals, some cool but normal explosions, and plenty of guns. I’ve grown accustom to watching action movies with some sort of twist or super complex plot that leads to a lot of backstabbing and double agents and shit like that.

Not Miami Vice. Nice and straightforward. Just a couple-a guys trying to catch some bad guys by going undercover all while makin’ sweet love to their ladies. And you know what? The mission is accomplished.

As always, I have to talk about the soundtrack. It was…well, there’s quite a variety. We’ve got Moby (naturally. It’s a Michael Mann movie), John Murphy, Nina Simon, Jay-z & Linkin Park, and a weird cover of “In the Air Tonight”. In other words, I feel mixed about this soundtrack. Mostly that Phil Collins cover. That shit is whack.

Not that I know the first thing about special ops or agents or stuff like that, but the movie seemed extremely realistic. Which, in a way, made it just a little bit boring. It was also two hours long. That makes me mad, though, because Hollywood has apparently conditioned me to expect over-the-top explosions, mass carnage, and insane weaponry in every action movie. Damn you!

*** stars

* Jamie Foxx is a stage name in honor of comedian/actor Redd Foxx. Redd Foxx is a stage name in honor of baseball player Jimmie Foxx. Jimmie Foxx’s last name actually is Foxx. There, now you know the same useless fact that I know! We’re bonded for life!


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