The Brass Teapot (2012)

I love movies that manage to mix together some interesting genres. Kind of like Midnight in Paris did with romance, comedy, and fantasy. It was subtle.

brassThe Brass Teapot was a good little movie. The premise of the story is that a young married couple who aren’t doing so well financially happen upon a teapot. They soon discover that the teapot gives them money when pain is inflicted upon them. Simple premise with interesting consequences.

Juno Temple killed it in this movie, as usual. (I’ve been a fan of hers since she played a horrible brat in Atonement). Michael Angarano…he’s a good enough actor but something about him really rubs me the wrong way. I just think I’d dislike him so much if I ever met him. But that’s never going to happen so who cares anyway?

It was nice to see a movie that actually had character development and was honestly relatable. That kind of movie is few and far between. And it was kind of great to see a movie that blended genres rather than being hard comedy or hard fantasy or hard drama. It took parts from all of those and managed to turn into a solid little film.

I won’t go on too much. I recommend it if you want something (mostly) light-hearted, with little twists and some good acting.

**** stars (I’m not giving it 5 because I enjoyed it quite a bit but I’m not sure it’s worthy of owning or re-watching or quoting or what have you. That’s really the only reason for that lack of a point.)


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