What is threesixfivefilm all about?
The blog initially began as a quest for me to watch 365 movies in a year. And while I did manage to watch a lot of movies, watching 365 and blogging about them proved to be a bit difficult. And so, this blog is now simply devoted to movies in general.

Why are you so into movies?
Dunno, I just like them. I don’t have a well-thought out, enlightened, and existential reason for liking movies so much. I just do. They’re enjoyable.

You’re not a very good writer.
Not a question and I don’t think I’m a bad writer. I wrote for multiple publications in college and all of that was well-received and so I invite you to suck it.

How does your star system work?
* star = not worth your time
** stars = hardly anything redeeming about it, but something made me not hate it
*** stars = just okay
**** stars = pretty good. Flawed, obvs, but quite watchable
***** stars = 5/5, would watch again…and again…and again


Who is this (not really at all) elusive Kaitie?
I live in Seattle, raised in Ohio, born in Minnesota. I like the color coral, watching (way too much) TV, using a lot of parentheticals, making people laugh, and writing.

What movies do you already like?
Let’s see…I really enjoy The Little Mermaid, Almost Famous, Some Kind of Wonderful, Snatch, Sunshine, 28 Days Later, Scott Pilgrim, Adventures in Babysitting, Rushmore, Midnight in Paris…should I go on? I could just keep going…

What’s this “Drunk Film Reviews” all about?
Well, I’m just narcissistic enough to think that people want to watch videos of me reviewing movies as I get drunk and watch them. More hours go into the editing process than the drinking/viewing process. It’s just something fun to do – am I not supposed to get drunk and do embarrassing things?

Ready? Set. Film talk!

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