Grabbers (2012)


The plot of Grabbers is this: a small town in Ireland suddenly finds itself being attacked by blood sucking, many-legged alien sea creatures. The town then comes to the realization that the only way to survive the attacks is to get drunk.

I was all about this movie for a few reasons: I’m a sucker for just about anything from the UK and I love a good horror comedy (Shaun of the Dead, Tucker & Dale vs Evil…you know what I mean). That aside, the movie was enjoyable. It wasn’t quite on par with the movies I just mentioned but it was 90 minutes well spent!

Acting? Good. Special effects? Pretty good. I actually loved the big male monster. That motherfucker barreling toward me would probably just make me drop dead. I was afraid the movie would be extremely cheesy – focus more on people being shitfaced than the actual plot. But they did an excellent job of balancing the two.

I don’t have a strong desire to wax poetic about this movie nor is it the kind of movie to merit such a thing. If you’re into horror comedy, you’ll probably dig it. I will say – even as someone who watches a lot of programming from the UK so I’m pretty good with understanding somewhat thick accents – there were a couple of characters that were damn near impossible to understand. So set up some subtitles and settle in.

Maybe grab some alcohol. The movie pretty much calls for it.

*** stars