Admission (2013)


Y’know, sometimes a movie has so much going for it that it’s bound to be a letdown. The kind of movie where you see the cast and then the writer and/or director and you feel like you’re maybe having a heart attack but you know that’s highly unlikely because you’re only 23 and you’re just sitting in bed? And then you watch it a year later and you’re left feeling very “meh”? That happened with Admission.

I’m a single, straight, red-blooded woman so yeah, I’ve got the hots for Paul Rudd. And I have since I saw Clueless when I was about nine years old. This means I’ll see roughly…100% of the movies he’s in. And I like Tina Fey, too. But not the way I love Paul Rudd.


It was just okay. I had a couple of laugh smiles (not funny enough to merit a laugh, but just funny enough for me to smile sans teeth) and there were about two moments that I thought were er…touching but it just fell short.

I’m only recommending this movie to those people who just want to see Paul Rudd saying new things and making new faces. And if you’ve proclaimed undying loyalty to Tina Fey. Otherwise, skip it.

* star (that seems way harsh, Tai. But I can’t mislead the people.)

Identity Thief (2013)


I don’t know why I watched Identity Thief. I knew exactly what I was getting into and still, I did it. Well, let’s just say I did it all in the name of research.

This is going to be short you guys: don’t bother.

I wish I had liked this, or rather, I wish this had exceeded my expectations. I like Melissa McCarthy and I have since Gilmore Girls. I like Jason Bateman. And despite my like for both actors, eugh.

I should have known better. The guy that wrote The Hangover II and III, Scary Movie 3 and 4 among a few other junk titles wrote this little piece of Hollywood bullshit.

The movie has a dilemma in that it can’t quite find its footing: a comedy or a tragedy/drama? It’s got a bit of both in a way that doesn’t work even a little. I’ll give it to Melissa – homegirl goes for it with her physical comedy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter. It’s “funny”, it’s “touching”, it’s offensive (just in some parts. Not enough for me to full on Black Rock rant) and it falls short. Everywhere.

If you want a funny road trip adventure comedy just save yourself the trouble and acquire a copy of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. And don’t watch that shit on TV or you’ll miss one of the funniest movie scenes ever.

No stars for this one, guys.